One for the Shitpile…

There’s no senseless underhanded attack like the ones that come from your so-called fam.   Something about being meaningfully connected with someone against your damned will brings out the powerful ign’ant in folks.

Take this moron right here who talks about yesterday’s Red Campaign:

And as if this week wasn’t packed enough with pointless calls to arms, yesterday, i.e. Halloween, there was a call for black women to wear red in order to protest acts of violence against black women – which, for the record, I’m against. I can’t remember if I went anywhere yesterday, but if I did, it probably wasn’t the kind of place very many black women would be. Because I live to scan the Internets for contentious race issues, I was aware of the protests, but I’m not aware that anyone here participated.

Did any of you fruits see a lot of black chicks yesterday walking around in red. (If so, I hope no one shouted, Hey, Kool-Aid!) For the three black chicks who read this site, did you participate in yesterday’s protests? If not, were you even aware that they were taking place?

I’m sure if no one other than the 20 or so fat chicks featured on the Document the Silence website participated in yesterday’s protests (or knew about it, for that matter), it will be viewed as a dramatic illustration of the extent to which the epidemic of violence against black women in this country has been ignored, but I wonder if that’s really the case. Could it be that the real reason people aren’t more up in arms about the war being waged against black women is because people aren’t convinced there’s any such war going on in the first place?


The reason is when the issue is brought up, we can count on ignorant assed fools like you to shoot down any effort because you don’t want to take the time to recognize that black women and other women of color are disrespected every day.

Another problem is whenever black women DO get attention resulting from a sexual assault, the crimes have to be damned near demonic, and even THEN there’s barely a call to arms.  If you want to raise shit about promoting awareness about a protest, do that.  Do it all day.  A lot of protests aren’t getting traction, and that’s a valid assertion.  I’ll give you half a point for that.

But the protests were justified.

Because like people didn’t hear about the campaign, there are still people who don’t hear about instances where black women turn up missing.

There are people who don’t appreciate the gravity of the assertion that a woman should be able to take a stand on violence against her and her sisters without any cracks against her body or her cause.  Or play a basketball game without being called a nappy-headed ho.  Or have gainful employment without being called a bitch.  (Yeah, Imus and Isaiah, I see both of y’all.)

There is a war on black women when people can’t tell you anything about someone like Fannie Lou Hamer but Karrine Steffans can get books and movies all day long.

There is a war on black women where instead of campaigns to educate black men (and men at large) to respect black women and their bodies and not be rapists, we get hand-over-fist protection rallies from black men and free-for-all exploitation of women who have already suffered heinously at the hands of their attackers.

So instead of trying to be a fake-assed shock jock who can’t make a valid point to save his life, why don’t you find a topic you seem to be well-versed on, like Kool-Aid and KFC?  Sit with your buffalo wings, let it marinate, and keep your tired-assed cracks to yourself.

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3 Responses to One for the Shitpile…

  1. belledame222 says:

    what a worthless fucking asshole.

    and: *gasp* you’re HERE!!!

    and again: HBD!

  2. Sylvia says:


    And thank you! I’m here and doing the blogging equivalent of mumbling, hehe. Thanks for stopping in :)

  3. kactus says:

    well this guy’s an asshole from way back. I’m trying to remember something he wrote a few months ago about how most girls are no longer desirable after 14 (14!) but that if anybody tried to get with his 14 year old daughter he’d shoot them.

    Or something equally ignorant. Shock-jock is right.

    Actually, that column I mentioned prompted me to never go to that site again.

    And I’m with belle–la la, I found you!


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