from blackamazon…


shared here at her request.


I quit.

I’m done. My blog will go live again when I’m compiling stuff for  my time to apply to gradschool but  I am done for now.

I want to say that this is permaent or that this is just a small break but no , this isteh beginning of a death knell.

You know what every body feel good about themselves ?

I think the point where I went fuck it , is when a law student, a couple writers, and a professor basically endorsed a book  and  MISSED in reading something they were ATTACHING their names to .

Racist comics, about MY PEOPLE. Yeah MY PEOPLE, being KILLED and destroyed to save a white man and give a white woman the “courage” she so desperately desires .

And people fell over themselves to excuse them . Cause they’re learning

You know what  , fuck off.

Hey it’s no expectation you be responsible and careful with what you endorse, write and publish, because it’s a ” friend” right.

They get the be nefit of the doubts, the benefit of not having to be called on their evil racist condescending crap.

My friends while your protecting your friends are completely disrespected and it’s okay right.

It’s okay to be in not one but THREE fucking threads on feministe and listen to people take BFP’s pain and anguish  and desolation over thdamage doing this work  in this hostile environment.

But the MINUTE the word stealing or plagirism comes up WE CAN’T HAVE THAT  CAN WE NO?

cause two weeks is a perfectly acceptable time for YOU to get over something.

I love that letters to Amanda are protected and carefully worded while BFp is treated like a fucking object

” respect’




Hey I have no real desire to change the way i treat you or ACTUALLY mitigate your treatment but hey thanks for making it thru!

It’s not at all interesting that you notice how many hits you get from secret groups and syncornised efforts

( please if you are going to do that BREAK THE LINKS statcounter don’t lie)

There is a lot of this talk where in ” fixing feminism” or ” giving voice” is a fun codeword.

As if we didn’ od our own things make our own  voices and have to dela time and time again 
have to deal with the use of those voices images and presence for VARIOUS appropriations


and not that  about atagline

or that a post a bout Sudy can’t suddenly turn  into whether or ot the rightnumber of p WOC are mentioned FOR FEMINISTING

but you know that’s okay.

It’s not that I  show up in a thread about shit that’s happening to ME and be IGNORED for the white people talking.

or that insults and degradatiosn charges of career defamation

aren’t swept  under because for once

( the fact that i t coincides with something monetary compensation) 

are lauded while in the comments a woc is  disrespected and roasted alive and it’s okay

but you know the show isn’t for the WOC

it’s for each other 

So they can be the people they advertise so much to the right wing boogey men they are so enamored with.

That after being in BITCH SALON JEZEBEL and hosts of othe rblogs 

no ones apologiced or even CONTACTED ME

By the bye i love th comparison of me to a fucking date rapist in training

But hey lots of I’m learnings secret outreach and talks amongs t themselves before  the y figure out how to  handle the alien black child.

but this this is BETTER this is progress

cause someones eyes were opened.

I can’t even fight it.

Ic an’t go toe to toe with a press, people with leisure time, people who think the fact their book is more important than someones like work.

But hey other white women will think better of you or youll be come better in yourselves


About problem chylde
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6

91 Responses to from blackamazon…

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  2. Rachel says:

    oh, HELL. damn. ::cursing in various languages::

    Thanks for letting us know what happened, Sylvia/M. G-d do I wish it hadn’t, but the information is appreciated.

  3. Sudy says:

    BFP said it differently, but I’m borrowing her brilliance:

    I’ll find you.

    You find me.

    At the River,

  4. belledame222 says:

    Fucking terrific.

    I can’t say I’m exactly surprised. But yeah. Fuck.

  5. ilyka says:

    Why is there no internet hug function. WHY.


  6. lauredhel says:

    Well, dammit. I am deeply sad for Blackamazon. Her analysis is spot on, and her feelings and words very clearly strong and justified. (Not that she needs my ‘approval’.)

    Festering apologists everywhere. The whole episode has shown, once again, just how absolutely egregiously obvious and vile racism has to be before some people will (dragged kicking and screaming, still making excuses) even acknowledge its presence. All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again; and it’s not good enough.

  7. sadie says:

    dammit. I don’t know what to say.

  8. Fire Fly says:

    I have no words.

  9. r. says:

    just wanted to say, it’s a damn shame.

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  12. little light says:

    See you ’round, BA. 21-machete salute from me, and a promise to haul a little harder now that you’re out.

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  14. Lisa Harney says:

    Thank you for writing this, BA. I’ll miss you and your blog while you’re gone. :(

  15. Tlönista says:


  16. Ravenmn says:

    BA, you know I love you and have read you regularly for years. If I can help in any way to make your day or your life a bit better, please contact me.

    I’m not expecting anything, but I posted this over at the Seal Press blog:

    I wish you luck in your anti-racism training. There is a huge difference between being “a racist” and being a white person who engages in racist *behavior*. You two have taken the first step by realizing you have and may continue to do racist things. Our culture has spent years teaching us to ignore racism when it’s right in front of us. We need to make the personal commitment to overcome that false training.

    I hope you see the connection between this particular behavior and the behavior you exhibited toward Black Amazon. Your disrespect for her was part of the same blindness that made those racist cartoons invisible to you.

    Good luck.


  17. Ico says:

    So damned depressing.

    Be well, BA. I really can’t think of anything to add except, like others:


  18. sassywho says:

    damn. BA, your words will be missed.

  19. Katie says:

    I will miss your words. Be well.

  20. octogalore says:

    I will miss you, BA. I hope the coming months and years bring more pleasant surprises.

  21. Tera says:

    I’ll miss you, BA.

  22. La Lubu says:



    BA, please be well. And know that you will be missed.

  23. meghan rose says:

    I am so upset to see you go…I never knew you personally but I enjoyed your blog. I wish you all the love and success in the world…and I know with your strength you will make it happen.

  24. Kevin says:

    BlackAmazon, you know I respect your decision here, but fuck.

    Be well.

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  26. Gwen says:

    God this has been a horrible few weeks.

    I didn’t delurk much at your blog, BA, but I really enjoyed. I’m very sorry indeed that you’ve decided to stop blogging, but I’m not surprised that you feel it’s the only think you can do right now.

    Best wishes for the future, and good luck applying to grad school.

  27. belledame222 says:

    >>I hope you see the connection between this particular behavior and the behavior you exhibited toward Black Amazon. Your disrespect for her was part of the same blindness that made those racist cartoons invisible to you.>>


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  29. nezua says:

    stay strong, BA! love to ya, hermana. you’ve been an inspiration.

  30. Darkrose says:

    This is fucked up; it shouldn’t have happened, and I’m sorry. That said, please: take care of yourself.

  31. ripley says:

    ah, dammit

    by the way I noticed too – the grudging apology came after the negative reviews on

    funny how a threatened sock to the pocketbook can lead someone to humbling themselves when nothing else does…

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  33. shannon says:

    I’m sad too, but be well, do good work and keep in touch!

  34. Charity says:

    I’m just so sorry, and wish you well.

  35. cripchick says:

    i love you ba and am sooo glad we’ll see each other in june so i don’t have withdrawals too much

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  37. Dreama says:


    Damn damn damn.

  38. Tom says:

    BA, best wishes.

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  42. lavendertook says:

    i”m so sorry. Take care of you!

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  44. tigtog says:

    Damn. This is so unfair.

    I’m sorry it’s happened, and been so toxic, and especially how so many of us (including me) have been talking over there instead of being here and other places where you are talking.

    Best wishes to you, BA.

  45. James says:

    BA: keep strong, keep fighting the good fight.

  46. Thene says:

    I’m sorry to see you go. I’m sorry you have to go. Take care.

  47. Sorry to see you go too.

    And what tigtog said.

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  49. jenn says:

    Don’t do this. I am begging you. Take a break if you must, but don’t silence yourself. In the name of every black woman who is struggling to find their voice and justice, keep blogging. There are many that didn’t even realize how many black female bloggers — black feminists — were out there. These bad acts have drawn more attention to your cause than you realize. So don’t go away. Please.

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  51. Jo Tamar says:

    From a total stranger … who seems to only be delurking to tell fabulous women how much she has appreciated their writing …

    BA: thank you for your work. I’ve been lurking at your blog for a while, but I never posted in comments on your blog because I didn’t ever think my voice was important enough, I didn’t feel I had anything to say that matched up to the power of your words.

    Even now, I don’t know whether it means anything for me to write this. But I will miss your blog, and I wish you the strength to fight the battles that are worth fighting.

    And to Sylvia: thanks for providing us with the space to say goodbye to BA, and thanks for all of your work, too.


  52. Liss says:

    I’m so sorry, Blackamazon. I will miss your blog. Best of luck with all you do and with the grad school application.

    Sylvia/M, thank you so much for providing a space in which I could write to Blackamazon.

  53. Daisy says:

    BA, I have linked your blog since I started blogging. I am so sorry you are leaving. :(

    I don’t quite know what to say about this, except that I share your perceptions about the whole careering thing. The fact that people talked about careers and acted like it was WOC doing the disrupting rather than the actual disruptive people… well, it was all very Twilight Zone/Orwellian to me.

    Still is.

    Luck of the Irish go with you–“Shining star for you to see/what your life will truly be.” :)

  54. RyanRutley says:

    Blackamazon, I know that just because you’ve stopped blogging you aren’t going to stop doing good work. That’s what’s important to me, though I’ll miss your voice. Keep doing the right thing.

  55. pllogan says:

    Take care of yourself, Blackamazon. You have a rare gift, of seeing to the heart of issues. Thank you for sharing yourself and your vision with us.

    And thanks, Sylvia, for posting this. That we all could have such friends in difficult times…

  56. Isabel says:

    This makes me so sad (though of course, probably nowhere near what BA feels). In an internet full of snark and posturig, BA’s was a voice that spoke from a place of love even in the midst of anger and gave to each the full weight they deserve but are so often denied. I will miss her words.

  57. yliza says:

    I’ll miss you, BlackAmazon. Much love and good vibes from me to you.

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  60. SunlessNick says:

    Best wishes, Black Amazon.

  61. Daomadan says:

    I will miss you Blackamazon…you are an incredible voice and I loved reading you.

  62. CLD says:

    Crap. Late to the party, as usual, but… damn. I’ll miss you, BA.

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  65. Renegade Evolution says:

    I’ll miss you BA

  66. Eileen Gunn says:

    BA, I’ve been a lurker, not a poster, but I am very sad to hear this.

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  76. d says:

    Sylvia (or BA if you read this..),

    Do you know if BA is still fundraising to attend the AMC? She is listed on the AMC blog, and if so do you know where/how to pitch in a little ?


  77. Deidra says:

    Something told me to come to this blog and I found this. This is very upsetting. I always come in the game too late. I don’t even know who she is, but judging by the comments she must’ve been a great blogger. I came in the game late when brownfem left as well. I really hope she comes back, just for the sake of black women bloggers/readers like me who really need a voice in this world. I don’t know many black women bloggers, so it really sucks to see that another one is lost before I got a chance to know them. Hopefully she’ll come back :(

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  79. Hello there,

    I am late to this conversation but…I want to blow my trumpet about this!

    I will be SOOOO HAPPY when my sistas stop storming off whenever white women (or black women) pull some shady mess….

    I am tired, tired, tired of the storming off yelling routine sistas… just tired of it…and tired of other sistas condoning THAT as an appropriate response.

    How about leveraging our collective influence? Have we tried that ENOUGH…are we willing to master it?

    If so then let’s focus on THAT rather than ranting and raving and whining and storming off. Let’s get intense about mastering our COLLECTIVE strategy.

    Peace blessings and DUNAMIS!

    You are welcome to visit my house:

  80. Sylvia/M says:

    You may not be terribly familiar with blackamazon; but she’s not the type of person to rant/rave/whine/storm off regularly. She works very hard, and she’s focusing her energies elsewhere and on herself.

    And she has not neglected the suggestion you’ve offered in the past; nor will she in the future.

    Thanks for visiting and I’ll take a look at your blog as well. –M

  81. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing that clarification!

    We MUST stand our ground! [raised fist}

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  82. Mary says:

    Is F U C K the only word you women know?

    I’m not sure what the tripe is that is written above but if this is one of the best voices for a WOC feminist voice, I think you’re better off without her. Being angry and cursing A LOT does not a great mind make.

    Maybe Black Woman Blow the Trumpet has some words of intelligence. I’ll check out her blog instead.

  83. Sylvia/M says:

    We cry inside, Mary. Really we do.

  84. Blackamazon says:

    * falls out in laughter*

    I curseto much is my tone bad too.


    Why must we cry

  85. Sylvia/M says:

    Because no one loves the word “fuck” as much as we do.

    No one knows what it’s like
    to be female, underclass, and nonwhite :(

  86. Donna says:

    FUCK! I wish you fucking women would fucking stop using the fucking word fuck so fucking much! It’s about fucking time for some fucking civility!

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  88. Sylvia/M says:

    Eww, Donna. I didn’t know you were so fucking vulgar.

  89. Delux says:

    Perhaps Mary, in her infinite wisdom, can share with us exactly what it is we should be doing, rather than listening to Black Amazon? I eagerly await her pearls of sparkling wisdom.

    No really!


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