point [welterpoint]

The [police] state knows how to [mis]treat its witnesses.

I read BFP and thought Beloved.  About Sethe, Beloved, and Denver.  The conflict between survival, murder, and breastfeeding.  About how instinctively [possibly] a mother would not know which to do when facing the realities of captivity.

[India is not some damp cave; it is home.]  

If this child had been kidnapped from a poor borough in Australia for 8 years, and India discovered that she had been adopted by a Brahmin family — would we face the same “dilemma” about whether the child should return home?

Using someone’s living [reality] to prove a point about Hollywood does not a great satire make.  People like appending post- to different concepts.  In a world where we wish to respect people’s humanity and value their presence, perhaps we’re post-politically incorrect satire.  

Perhaps there are [many varied infinite intelligent] ways to express a poignant point without demeaning people [for millions of dollars and back slaps from the culture you mock].

A great interview with a [well-chosen and uplifting] vice presidential candidate.  I will vote my [identity] ticket.  People [literally] want to see change in [identity] politics, if not just in the [skin] makeup of their politicians.

More [non-]nativism [and less xenophobia] needed to keep this debate going; more moral humanism needed to keep our [empathic] borders strong and our [world] citizens safe.

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