In which the Netherlands endangers reproductive freedom

What constitutes an unfit mother?  Can you quantify it?  Is it something that shows up one day on a woman’s face, like a distasteful mole?  Maybe it’s an aggregate of deeds — you hit three strikes and BAM! You’re unfit!  Seriously, how do we allow for second chances and redemption once the brand of UNFIT hits a woman’s forehead?

These fun thought gymnastics are exactly what The Netherlands will undertake, after a draft bill to force UNFIT mothers to take contraception hit the Parliament:

The bill “targets women who have been the subject of judicial intervention due to their bad parenting,” says its author, a member of the Netherlands’ socialist Labour Party.

Under the proposed legislation, a woman judged unfit who refuses to take contraception and becomes pregnant would have her child taken away at birth. The infant then would be placed in a foster home.

That’s right.  According to this proposed bill, if an UNFIT woman gets pregnant despite the government’s intrusive intervention, the government will take her baby from her.  What kind of tomfuckery is this measure?  And what problems does it wildly imagine it will solve?  

Burdens on the state?  Not if you’re absorbing children into the foster care system.  

Discipline on the UNFIT mothers?  If you take a woman’s baby from her at birth, you’re going to have a mother suffering from horrible post-partum, PTSD, and worse.  Not the very make and model of a modern Fit Mother.

The consequences of this bill cannot be understated or hyperbolized more — you know that it will unfairly target poor mothers, disabled mothers, immigrant mothers, mothers of the minority populations of The Netherlands.  Combinations of all of these factors will magically trickle into the language of UNFITness.  The mothers whose faults are uniquely visible and whose voices are blatantly ignored simultaneously.

Only in government can a group of representatives take the altruistic goal of protecting children and propose a liberty-shattering inhumane idea that would rob women of their reproductive freedom.

Hat-tip to matttbastard via IM.

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3 Responses to In which the Netherlands endangers reproductive freedom

  1. Tlönista says:


    Shit like this is what makes people like me reject the Socialist movement, and take the next left down Anarcha-Feminist Boulevard.

  2. Susan says:

    That’s horrible.

    And why it is so, so important for people to study history, and not just the victory narrative of How We Triumphantly Arrived At The Grand Place We Are Today. For instance, those legislators, even though they aren’t in America, could benefit a lot from studying Native American educational policy before (and after) the 1930s, and why it was *bad*.

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