Could it be?

Revamp of the Sinatra version because there’s a million versions.  Blame Jose for this.

Ohhhh-bama has pretty teeth dear,
And he shows em, pearly white,
Just a jack knife has Obama dear:
And he keeps Rahm way out of sight…

When ol’ Rahm bites with his teeth, dear,
Red tape strips begin to spread;
Fancy gloves though has ol’ Rahm dear–
So there’s never, never a trace of red…

On NBC, one sunday morning,
Lies ol’ Brokaw, oozin’ tripe,
Someone’s sneaking round the corner,
Could that someone be Rahm the Knife?

From the West Wing, on the phone speakin’ slow,
A Chief of Staff is enforcin’ law,
You know that pacing is for the weight, dear;
You can make a large bet: Rahm’s back in town!

My man Georgie W., he split the scene babe,
After drawing out all the bread from Uncle Sam’s stash;
Now Orahma spends like a sailor,
Do you suppose our boy, he’s done something rash?

Old Clinton, First Bush, Ronnie Reagan,
Did this job once, Big Nixon too;
They all worked it, with so much feeling,
That Obama, he’s tryin’ something new.

But with this White House, jumping behind him,
Swinging hard, jack, he knows he cant lose,
When he tells you, he’s got Rahm the Knife babe–
It’s an job, Rahm can never refuse!

We got Joe Biden, Michelle as First Lady,
Malia and Sasha, cute kids being reared,
All the Dem cats, in this Congress,
They’ll make the greatest push you’re ever gonna hear.

Oh sookie policy, new bailout, rights protection, lame duck correction…

Hey the line forms, on the right dear,
Now that Obama’s come in town,
Youd better lock your doors, and call the law,
Because Rahm and Obama’s come to town!

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5 Responses to Could it be?

  1. Sarah J says:

    I love you.

    Also, inauguration? It’s a good idea.

  2. Sylvia/M says:

    I’m considering it. I wonder if my friend in D.C. would put me up for a couple of days.

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  5. Azalais says:



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